Lochend Farm Shop,
Scotlandwell, Kinross-shire, KY13 9JQ  

Tel: 01592 840745

email: office@lochendfarmshop.co.uk

Homegrown produce straight from the field!

Available 7 days a week, 9am-5pm

We grow our own vegetables on the farm, and buy in other local seasonal produce where necessary. Vegetables are cut/dug fresh each day from our fields.

Dirty carrots

We are known for our ‘dirty carrots’ – we wouldn’t dream of washing them! A bit of soil preserves the flavour and texture and their popularity proves it.

Our carrots are dug daily from our fields, so they are as fresh as you can get!


Turnips are great for adding to soups and stews and for mashing (with butter and plenty of black pepper!) but they’ve also become the new ‘hip’ vegetable in restaurants. 

Closely related to the radish, they add a zing to your cooking with their slightly hot taste.


We grow Maris Piper potatoes - we always say that the M.P. stands for ‘multi purpose’. They are a great all round potato and sell in bags from 2.5kg to 25 kg.


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